Check Out the Top-most SEO Trends in 2022

Search engine optimization is constantly evolving to keep pace with changing algorithms of Google and other search engines. For this being the reason, the marketers having online businesses are hiring the top SEO Toronto to rank in the SERPs.

However, a lot of businessmen are not getting satisfactory results as many SEO agencies claiming to be the best lack knowledge on the latest trends. So, if you were struggling with the thought why your business is not ranking despite spending good dollars on your hired agency, now you seem to know the secret.

So, it’s time to search for the top SEO Toronto which is well versed and up to date with all the latest trends. However, as a responsible marketer, it becomes your duty to stay familiar with the ongoing SEO trends. This practice will reap more benefits based on your SEO efforts.

Here are the major SEO trends in 2019 that you need to implement in your business for higher rankings.

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  1. Video over Written Text

Nothing holds more substance than statistics and data! According to the survey, video content is preferred by 76% of the users over written content. It is way easier to promote a brand via videos than write-ups. Understanding the growing popularity of visually enchanting content, SEO experts are focusing on video to draw more traffic. So, implement videos as the major marketing tool to rank your brand.

  1. Voice Search Optimization

Voice search queries are taking over a big chunk of SEO strategy in 2019. Over the last few months, 4 billion searches are made via voice search. Moreover, with the advent of devices like Alexa, Google Voice etc., users prefer asking their questions rather than typing. Therefore, you must make your website voice search optimized by putting long tail keywords and creating content in a conversational tone. Needless to say, the top SEO Toronto will always provide you voice-based keywords for perfect optimization.

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  1. Mobile-First Website

Gone are the days when businessmen use to have a desktop or laptop optimized sites. In 2019, these sites hold no importance to users as they prefer mobiles to search for any service or product. The mobile-first websites are designed with a completely different approach with new SEO techniques. If you don’t want to lose your customer base, make sure your business website is mobile-friendly.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Google and other search engines are already accounting social media content as a primary ranking factor. That being the case, you must do all it takes to improve your brand’s social media presence. A standard SEO agency adept in SMO can guide you thoroughly to optimize social media accounts.

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  1. App Optimization

Experts are predicting that app optimization will touch a significant milestone in 2019. The more the linking of links with the apps, the higher the rank will be. Moreover, search engines may use deep links to rank the business app. Capitalize on this trend to secure a higher position in the search results.

Leverage your business from the core by embracing these latest SEO trends. Make sure you door the top SEO Toronto to get the SEO practices right.